Book Contents

Chapter 1: Principles of Doppler Ultrasound,

Chapter 2: Carotid Color Duplex Scanning

Chapter 3: Carotid Interpretation

Chapter 4: Vertebral & Subclavian Artery Imaging

Chapter 5: Venous Anatomy and Hemodynamics

Chapter 6: Venous Duplex Imaging: Lower Extremities

Chapter 7: Venous Reflux Testing - PPG

Chapter 8: Pre-Operative Vein-Artery Mapping

Chapter 9: Venous Imaging of Upper Extremities

Chapter 10: Arterial Anatomy, Physiology & Hemodynamics

Chapter 11: Physiologic Arterial Testing: Lower Limbs, including case studies.

Chapter 12: Color Duplex Imaging: Lower Extremity Arteries

Chapter 13: Evaluation of Arterial Bypass Grafts & Stents

Chapter 14: Arterial Evaluation of the Upper Extremities

Chapter 15: Vasculogenic Impotence

Chapter 16: Hemodialysis Access Fistulas & Grafts

Chapter 17: Transcranial Doppler and color imaging

Chapter 18: Abdominal Doppler Fundamentals

Chapter 9: Self Test, Questions and Answers

Techniques in Noninvasive Vascular Diagnosis- Book Contents tecinnonvasd1