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Instructors Digital Curriculum Resource Flashdrive


A Unique Teaching Aid for Vascular, Sonography and Cardio-Vascular Educational Program is now available from Summer Publishing.

> The instructor material contains organized “lessons” in vascular sonography/technology in PowerPoint format that match the 17 book chapters.

> All book graphic material has been added to PowerPoint, along with with extensive supplemental material and case presentations.

> The PowerPoint slides contain notes to guide instruction.

> Numerous digital video clips are inserted, as are links to online digital videos.

> Over 1600 “slides” are included. Instructors may select material to mix & match with their own instructional content, or use the lessons as they are constructed.

> The material may be used for digital video projection, or as online course material.

> Chapter Exercises are included in PowerPoint

> An expanded Student Test “Bank” is included and offered in both MS PowerPoint and MS Word.

> A Demo download or CD-ROM with sample chapters is available upon request.

> Combined with hard copy text or Techniques eBook, it's an ideal solution of online/distance programs. Material can be uploaded to a variety of programs including Wimba Classroom, Noddles, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: The Instructor's Digital Curriculum Resource is available only to schools or institutions currently using or intend to use Techniques in Noninvasive Vascular Diagnosis as a course text.

Summer Publishing authorizes the use of this copyright material for teaching institutions that are using or plan to use Techniques in Noninvasive Vascular Diagnosis textbook or Techniques eBook.

The PowerPoint material contained in this material is not to be used for presentations or lectures outside of school activity.

Availability: Usually ships the next business day