Customer Comments

Techniques-3rd edition: From a Sonography Student:

"Rob, Any chance you have written a text on abdominal sonography? I just spent an entire day trying to comprehend the liver chapter in my text. I also just read the first Venous Chapter (Chapter 5) in about an hour and a half... I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying it already. It's so much easier to understand than the lengthy, verbose texts I am so used to spending double the time attempting to decipher. It is nice to have something in plain English to learn from. THANK YOU! Sincerely, C T" University of Colorado Hospital in Denver - Sonography Student.

From a course instructor:

"Rob, I LOVE the new edition of Techniques in Non Invasive Vascular Diagnosis. It is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't had a chance to actually read the whole book, but from what I have, it is great. I can't wait until the Instructors CD-ROM. Please let me know when it is available. Thank you and great job. Susan Thrasher RVS, RDMS, RT (R) Program Director Diagnostic Medical Sonography VIRGINIA COLLEGE in BIRMINGHAM

"Rob, I have found your previous PowerPoint slides of immeasurable value in teaching vascular ultrasound. Your newest edition of slides is even better than the last. You have added and expanded on so many concepts that I am thinking of scrapping my supplementary PowerPoint presentations and using yours exclusively. Great job on this new product. It is tremendously helpful." Eric Cadiente, BS, RDCS, RVT Cardiovascular Ultrasound Instructor Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences

I have referred this book to several technologists and doctors in the field. it is Excellent for departments to have as a reference. I have purchased 4 books! Deborah Noe, RT(R) RDMS, RVT

Re the Second Edition- Techniques

"I got the first edition and this 2nd edition is even better. I will keep this at work as my new "bible'. I have 24 years of vascular ultrasound experience and can always learn more." P.D., RN, RVT, RDCS. Port Orange, Florida.

"Readable! It was very reader friendly." D.R. , RDCS, RT, CCT

"What I liked best about the book is that all material discussed is relevant to Clnical Practice.- Great Book!" D.K., RDMS, RVT.

"Like a recipe, easy to follow!" D.H., RN.

"Well organized, comprehensive." H.D., RDMS, RDCS, RVT.

"It's a great book! Highy recommended. Used it to pass my Vascular exam." M.P., RT (R) RDMS, RVT.

"Explanations were precise, easy to follow, not a lot of unnecessary info." D.D., RT, RDMS.

"Covered areas (including dialysis fistulas) that some other vascular books did not cover." S.M, RT, RDMS

"Simplicity, Applicability, Thoroughness, and daily usefulness." L.M., RCDS, RVS, CCPT.